About Our Charts ...

Our charts are beautifully packaged with our distinctive Cinnamon Cat colour branding and a full colour picture of our designs. They come in A5 size sealed bags with a convenient hook for hanging display if required.

Our charts are printed in full colour with symbols overlaid to make the designs exceptionally easy to read.

Along with fabric and thread details we also include some suggestions for other ways in which our charts can be used. For example, taking smaller elements from the design to make into cards or converting pictures into samplers with names and dates for a special occasion.

The fabric and thread details for both DMC and Anchor threads are included on the back of each chart pack which enables you as a retailer to put together fabric and thread packs, providing you with increased sales opportunities.

About Our Kits ...

As well as the high quality charts as detailed above, our kits contain everything needed to complete the design;

- Zweigart fabric in an appropriate colour

- pre-sorted Anchor and DMC threads

- needle

- stitching instructions

Our kits are come in A4 size hooked bags and are branded with the same unique logo and colour-branding.

We pride ourselves on our quality and professionalism and our kits and chart packs will be a distinctive and sought after addition to your stitching supplies.

Please contact us for pricing information by typing our address into your mail system.